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Pop Eye

popeyeWhat is POP EYE?

Pop eye isn’t a disease itself but it’s a kind of infection which cause by the underlying tissue . It causes one or both eyes protrude from the socket. The swelling of the eye cause by the build up of excessive fluid from the tissue of the eyeball at the back and forcing the eye ball outwards.

If the eyeball appear cloudy. There is possibilities of scarring and damage to the cornea which might affect the vision.


The three common problems causing Pop eye is the water quality, injury and bacterial/parasitic infection.

  • Bad water quality such as high nitrate,metal and ammonia . If more than one fish from the tank suffered from pop eye water quality is certainly the one to blame.
  • Physical injury which cause by sharp tank furniture or result from a fight with other fish.
  • Bacterial or parasitic infections are the other common cause of pop eye in fish, and this usually affects both eyes, or begins with one eye and spreads to the other.

Vitamin A deficiency, tumors and gas embolism are less common reasons.


  • Visibly swelling on one or both eye
  • Cloudy eye
  • Swelling eye and with some bloodstain which may cause by injury
  • Rupture of the eye


It’s crucial to identify the problem. The affected fish should be moved to a isolated tank. Daily water change should help and epson salt( Magnesium Sulfate ) can be added to draw the fluid out. The best ratio should be 1 tablespoon to 5 gallons of water, If water quality is the problem 50% of water change must made as soon as possible.Double checked the item or tank furniture that newly added in the tank to ensure no sharp edge or letting off chemicals. Overstocking is another common problem which led to high nitrate reading thus, do not overfeed.If the water readings are wrong (high nitrates etc), a 50 percent water change is recommended again and 15-20 percent water changes 3-5 times per week, until the water readings are correct.If a bacterial infection is the cause we would recommend ‘Maracyn’, ‘Maracyn II’, ‘Anti-internal bacteria’ and’eSHa 2000′  for treatment.

Minor damage and swelling can diminish with time, if  the fish is provided with optimal water conditions and a balanced diet.

Popeye can be prevented simply by providing fish with a healthy aquarium environment and by taking steps to minimize the risk of physical damage.