Goldfish Diet

Goldfish Diet

Goldfish are natural scavengers and omnivores ,they basically eat everything! In the wild, goldfish naturally get a varied diet that consists of crustaceans, insects, algae or even leaves.

Goldfish love to have variety in what they eat. They have a high need for fresh fruit and vegetables. Feed them veggies and fruit regularly and you can expect them to stay far healthier and thrive.

For those goldfish that living in aquariums, it is normal for that the owners feed them with fish pellets. your goldfish may not getting enough fiber because flakes are not a balanced enough diet. Thus, i’m having the following special recipe for my goldfish :

DIY Gel food for your gold fish

Ingredients: Some vegetables ( Broccoli, carrot and peas) , some garlic, Natural gelatin powder, Fish pellets with high protein and some hot water.

Steps :

Ratio of the mix : Puree 1 : Fish pellets and gelatin powder 1.5 : hot water 1.5

Blend the vegetables and garlic to a smooth puree ( A), in the other hand blend the 2 table spoons of gelatin powder and fish pellets ( B)  then mixed  both( A+B) add some a cup of hot water and blend it until it mix well.

Pour into a container and wait for it to get harden and cold.  Cut into small pieces and store it in fridge .This can normally be a month supply.



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