Carp Pox

Carp Pox


Carp Pox is not harmful to the goldfish. Fishes normally do not die from Carp pox. If the fishes suffer from Carp pox , there is some waxy spots appear on the scale or fins. Once the fish infected you can easily observe the symptoms and the longer the exposure will lower down the fish immunity which may prone to develop a secondary bacterial infection.




Carp Pox is caused by a virus strain named HPV-1. The most common transmission is sharing tank with the infected fish. But still it’s not known like hoe the virus passing around. Because only some fishes will get affected and some may not.




  • In the initial stage , carp pox appears as milky- looking skin lesions , which look waxy and smooth.
  • White & pinkish and greyish waxy looking growth in the scale and fins




There is no treatment for carp pox. Good water quality is best way to avoid disease outbreak. Water temperature is the key factor of Carp pox . If you need to, you can slightly increase the water temperature for a  week or two. Just monitor closely the fish behavior . if the symptoms subside you may readjust it to it’s normal temperature.

The best way to prevent Carp pox  is to reduce  stress within the fish population- Ensure the tank is not over crowded and maintain good water quality .

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